"Having travelled to many of the world's most amazing places, Guy has researched the topics he teaches 'in the wild' so you can be sure that when you book bugsnstuff for your school, he can tell you first-hand about the sights and sounds of these magnificent places and the amazing creatures that live there!"


The Rainforest workshop is aimed at both the top end of KS1 and any year group in KS2 where teachers intend to study a specific habitat at a far greater depth than is usual with our one hour workshops. Whereas the Minibeast workshop examines a number of different habitats, the Rainforest workshop is designed to last for a minimum of two hours and, as its name implies, focuses on the rainforest. Normally, if the school is two form entry, we have one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. We can also provide a full day session for just one class, our most in-depth workshop!


Our Rainforest workshop is our most popular session and a firm favourite with a large number of schools often booking a year in advance. Children can enjoy a more leisurely pace, the usual amazing live animals and a touch of drama as Guy takes the children into the rainforest on an imaginery field trip! He first equips the expedition with what they will need as scientists and then introduces them to the rainforest itself.


Introduction over, we begin to explore the forest and meet the animals which are to be found in the micro-habitats of the rainforest. Rivers, forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer are all covered with live animal examples for each included.


Guy demonstrates the blow-pipe and his resource includes thousands of artefacts, photographs and video clips from his own travels from the past 30 years. We even use a rainforest soundtrack - what more could you ask for?!

The Rainforest workshop animals include cockroaches, stick insects, praying mantises, treefrogs, giant toads, tarantulas, millipedes, caterpillars, giant moths, geckos, monitor lizards and snakes and more. Click here to see the bugsnstuff 'staff'.


Let bugsnstuff bring natural history to life in the children’s minds and stimulate them to think about the natural world.  Emphasis is placed upon encouraging children to think in new and original ways, not only about the vast range of creatures with which they share this planet, but also about themselves and the world around them.


Want to see more? Take a look at what we get up to on our field trips on our YouTube channel or visit Guy's field trip gallery here.



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It is intended that all of the workshops are not only amongst the best in the field but also fully insured and competitively priced.


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Having travelled the world, Guy has researched the topics he teaches 'in the wild' so you can be sure that when you book bugsnstuff for your school or event, he can tell you first hand about the amazing creatures that

live there!

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