Shopping centres, film premiers, school holiday events and summer schools - Your visitors will be amazed by the creatures of the bug world! Try and spot a stick insect camouflaged amongst the leaves or a praying mantis on the twigs. See the giant tarantulas, snakes, frogs and beetles and guess the number of legs on a giant millipede. All of this and more will be on display for your visitors to see!


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In addition to our very popular animal talks and displays, bugsnstuff offer a spider-only workshop which gives your visitors a chance to learn much more about these amazing animals.


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Upcoming events in 2023:


09/08/23: Bugs at Grainger Market


24/08/23: Bugs at Durham Indoor Market


25/08/23: Bugs at Durham Indoor Market


30/08/23: Bugs at Grainger Market


"Friends of Ponteland Park thank you so much for a most interesting, informative and enjoyable afternoon yesterday at Ponteland Party in the Park. We were delighted that so many people were able to enjoy your amazing display of creatures great and small! I imagine that you must have been extremely tired after such an unstinting afternoon with so many people and questions! It was great the way all and sundry could handle so many strange (to us) creatures and their reactions were a joy to watch. The appeal seemed to be equal to old and young alike. I hope you were delighted with the attendance and enthusiastic response by the people of Ponteland - I am sure bugsnstuff will be happily remembered by all, but especially by Friends of Ponteland Park.

Many thanks again and best wishes to you both!"

Alma, Margaret, Heather, Coral, Kim and Jane.

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Having travelled the world, Guy has researched the topics he teaches 'in the wild' so you can be sure that when you book bugsnstuff for your school or event, he can tell you first hand about the amazing creatures that

live there!

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