Guy believes that access to animals and new experiences should be available to all, no matter what level of ability, age, social need or physical constraint.


Guy will liase with care staff to ensure your residents have access to a truly inclusive, one hour, hands-on animal workshop.


The images (opposite) were taken at a care home in Gateshead and at The Calvert Trust, Kielder. These residents relished the close physical contact with a wide range of unusual animals. These images allow you to share some of that participation and delight!


Animal therapy is a stimulating and exciting addition to traditional practices and can help children, adults and older people with mental health needs and physical / learning disabilities to achieve an improved quality of life.


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Having travelled to many of the world's most amazing places, Guy has researched the topics he teaches 'in the wild' so you can be sure that when you book bugsnstuff for your school, event or party, he can tell you first hand about these magnificent places and the amazing creatures that live there!

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