Are you afraid of spiders? Can’t cope when you find one in your home or garden? Holiday destinations restricted due to your fear? Need help?


bugsnstuff offers one to one arachnophobia sessions in the north east. The aim of the session is to enable you to become comfortable around spiders that you may come across in your home and daily life, and deal with them accordingly (capture and release).


Guy has over 30 years of experience with spiders and over the course of 3 hours, the session involves:


An-depth discussion about phobias (their causes and effects)

Amazing spider facts (why spiders do what they do)

British house spider capture and release practice (optional)

A chance to hold a large, friendly tarantula (optional)

A certificate of your achievement




“I was very surprised at how calm I was after the session and how relaxed in the company of both the house spider and tarantula. After a lifetime of arachnophobia, the combination of discussion and practical excersises worked and my attitude and, more importantly, my reaction to spiders has completely changed."

Declan, Blyth.


“Guy has the patience of a saint! This was a fantastic experience and to be able to control my reaction to this lifetime fear without dissolving into blind panic and terror is truly liberating!”

Joanne, Morpeth.


"So today I had the wonderful Guy come round to my house to help me overcome my fear of spiders. Right from the start his knowledge of spiders just blew my mind, he made me feel so at ease and there was no pressure at all to do any of the challenges he asked me to do. I never in a million years thought I'd be able to go near a spider let alone put my whole hand down next to one (yes I did blabber when I'd achieved it). All i can say is if like me those 8 legged creatures terrify you then book a one to one session with Guy. He doesn't guarantee he can cure you but please believe me when I say he really can help you over come your fear in a way we're you can be comfortable with a spider!"

Elaine, Wallsend.


Click below to listen and watch a recent BBC Radio Newcastle interview following Elaine’s session - a lifelong arachnophobic who finally found the courage to conquer her fear and ask Guy for help!

“There is no reason for you to live in fear. Get over your arachnophobia in as little as THREE HOURS! Honestly, I’ve seen Guy turn people around from a lifetime of being terrified of even looking at pictures of spiders or just talking about them, to getting them to safely (for the spider!) catch and release some of the biggest house spiders I’ve ever seen. Please just get in touch with him. You won’t regret it!”

Vicky, Wallsend.

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Tel: 07758 089017

Having travelled the world, Guy has researched the topics he teaches 'in the wild' so you can be sure that when you book bugsnstuff for your school or event, he can tell you first hand about the amazing creatures that

live there!

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